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Basic Relaxation Meditation 12.12.09


For this one lying on the floor is actually best. Put your palms down on the floor by your sides. Your feet should be a few inches apart.

Now just lie still for a few seconds.  Let your thoughts gradually quiet down.  Without any force at all, let your breathing naturally become deep and regular.  Feel the weight of your body on the floor.

Center your consciousness  on each part of your body as you name them to yourself.  Toes, feet, ankles, calves, knees, thighs, groin, midriff, chest, shoulders, hands, arms, neck and head.  Be aware of any areas where there is particular tension.
Now spend five seconds making your whole body as tense as you possibly can.  Then release all of the tension in one go, pushing it out and up and away from you.  But before you do this, on the count of three take a long deep breath in. One, two, three   tense as many muscles in your body as you possibly can, and one, two, three- push the air in your lungs out at the same time as you let go of every last little bit of that tension.  Push away the stress!

Now concentrate on your breathing.  Let your breaths be deep, and let your mind be still.  Just watch the way you take in the air and how it fills your lungs.  Hold the air in your lungs for just a second or two before you breathe out, and wait for just a second or two before you breathe in again.  Just watch your breath for thirty seconds or so.  If you get distracted or your mind wanders, then gently bring it back.

As you maintain the sense, allowing the body to relax, and allowing the mind to be still, you are letting all parts of the system become more integrated.  By simply being calm and aware you are letting the mind and body become more balanced, more efficient, and more energized.  Be calm in this attitude for another minute or so.

Now gradually bring yourself out of the meditation, slowly bringing your attention back to where you are.


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