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Peace Meditation & Prayer 05.01.10

I copied this meditation from one of my groups that I belong to.  It is a bit long, however, very fulfilling if you can master it.   I will be putting it on audio along with a few other guided meditations and make it available in the near future for those who are interested.


Divine Father,

Tonight is a special night of meditation. We are asking for total universal peace, among other things.  We are visualizing a stream of light descending from the universe to our planet earth.  As each person is surrounded by the bubble of pure light and as we absorb this bubble/blanket of pure love, we receive also your energy, protection and peace.

We are one, and we thank you Father for that.  May we continue with his visualization daily so that individually we can project our desires of truth and peace to each other and then outward then to the Universe,  so that all things will stand unified, and the lights of our souls will illuminate to your glory.


So let’s take a deep breath and breathe in these wonderful energies and start to relax and as we do let’s see and feel that energy encircling us and bringing us into One.

Now take another deep breath and allow yourselves to let go of the material worries and stresses, as you do you bring in the energies and at your heart center you will be aware of a pulsating energy.

It becomes a golden light, a cord that starts to fill the body with the love and light of spirit. It descends down, deep down into the Living earth. It is your anchor. It is like the roots of a tree and it allows you to be a part of the earth.

The energies flow freely up through this and as we have sent out those thoughts to spirit they surround us with this awesome light. We breathe and blend it in with our own and form a channel of energy. As you do this you let go more of the material and find that you are floating through clouds of colors, each giving you that which you need.

As you blend more and more you find that you come through the white energy and find yourself standing by an old gate. A gate that has stood since time began.

In your hand is a key. It is your key, earned through the experiences of life, and tonight it will open for you into a world of reality and of wisdom.

So opening the gate you find yourself standing in a garden.

It is a garden as you yourself would have it, you look all around, so much activity, so many scents fill the air. You walk along the path and take time to look at all. Maybe it’s a formal garden, maybe a wild garden. As you walk you go past pools of water and head for the seat under the trees, you know you are in the Garden of Peace.

Here we will share with you some inspired words, so please just allow them to be used to help you to build up the energies, and think on the words as they are given.
shhhhh shhhhhh softly….quietly….shhhhhh

breathe softly ..the beautiful surroundings.

So quiet. Listen…

Feel…Smell…See…almost Taste….this beautiful place.

And as we observe look now to our own bodies, as they glow in radiant light of the Father. And as we look…we see our own hearts. Inside each…our own heart we see a child.

Look carefully. That child is ourselves. It is the Child of Divine Nature living here within each of us. Watch what the child is doing. Our child has a beautiful watering can watering the garden within our own hearts, and as we observe…ping….ring….a tiny seed begins to sprout.

As we watch a beautiful light plant begins to spring up. We feel and see, hear, smell nearly taste, that which IS Divine PEACE. Flowing, growing, lighter brighter within our own hearts.

We are the CHILD of PEACE, deep within our gardens…within our hearts… Know THIS ! And as we feel and observe allow our Peace Plant to grow outward as though vines surrounding our garden, out, out, out into our world, out past the clouds and heavens, out past to the stars and planets and winding around coming toward us again

Let us see our Peace Plants affecting in great LOVE, every particle of our universes, Divine Love…. inspiration.

Holy Spirit, come, wrap us up inlLove. Pour into us and fill us with love, that we may love enough together to change our hearts and minds. And as we observe and feel and take in and give out, accept that we are each and all together Children of Divine Inspiration. Children of Love. What our Father has…We have also.

Now softly, humbly let us share these inspirations each with the other here joining as brothers and sisters of the Divine Plan for Peace on Earth….Good Will to All !

Gently, gently now…again see ourselves sitting in our little beautiful gardens. and with folded hands….quietly give thanks.
Now as you look about the garden, take a seat.

Breathe deeply the heady aromas. Feel the loaming earth beneath you.

Hear the sounds of the birds, the insects and all of the things that make this garden what it is.

As each of your senses takes this in the garden becomes a part of you. You are reminded with how connected we are with every living thing on the earth with that connection – with that oneness comes individual responsibility.

Consider the sun that is shining brightly on this garden it’s responsibility is to shine. It nurtures the plants. It gives us our very life but it can also burn. So it is with us. We must connect lovingly to everything.

Consider this quote from Rumi – a Sufi Mystic of the 13th century:-

“Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about. Ideas, language, even the phrase “each other” doesn’t make any sense.”

Rumi is telling us that our first responsibility is to meet – to connect. Once we have done that, we will find peace because that which effects others effects us, even our enemies.

Take another deep cleansing breath.

Open your heart.

Connect, and then vow to send peace into the world with your every conscious action. To be conscious of your thoughts. To be kind in your words. It is the responsibility of each of us to tip the scales, and to bring as much love to each other as we can. There is so much strife and pain in the world and such things as war and natural disaster can seem overwhelming to us.

Bring your thoughts back to the garden. Bring peace to your small place in the world.

Here is something from one of my favorite people on the planet…

“At the center of the universe is a loving heart that continues to beat and that wants the best for every person. Anything we can do to help foster the intellect and spirit and emotional growth of our fellow human beings, that is our job. Those of us who have this particular vision must continue against all odds. Life is for service.”

I think this is beautiful – and I think he was beautiful. He brought so much love and peace to children in his lifetime. Let’s remember his example.

Finally – if you are feeling overwhelmed – I give you words from one of the most accomplished peace makers of all time, Mahatma Gandhi ;-

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible but in the end they always fall. Think of it – always.”

Divine Spirit,

Please give us each the capacity for compassion and let us remember our profound responsibility, to love.
And with this the garden starts to fade away as we walk on towards a mountain.

Your journey has now taken you to the bottom of a tall majestic mountain. It is covered with tall pines, lofty birches and broad oak trees.

It is evening now and you have journeyed far. A peaceful night surrounds you. The gentle song of crickets envelops you. An owl hoots softly overhead a full moon casts it’s shimmering light upon the smooth calm surface of a mountain lake that lies behind you.

The still waters resemble glass and like a mirror hold the moon’s golden reflection. A rocky path that winds and leads its way to the top of the enormous mountain lies before you now. It calls and beckons you to follow it and you feel a pull, an urging deep within to reach the top.

So continues your journey as with life never quite knowing what lies ahead or how you will make it. Yet, the strong desire deep within to keep on keeping on pulls you ahead.

As you walk you find the path to be rougher than it first appeared. The ground is covered with large rocks and loose stones like life’s obstacles and lessons. You quickly loose your footing and fall down upon the hard mountain floor. A hand out of nowhere comes quickly into yours and you are pulled up swiftly, back to your feet.

Another on the same journey stands before you now, smiling warmly at you. Feel their love radiating from their heart to yours now. They hand you a lighted candle and tell you the light will guide you on your way. Your heart is full of gratitude, beyond all words of expression, as you take the lighted candle and thank them as they continue on their way.

And so continues your journey and you begin to learn that this light does make your journey easier. The path more easily followed, for deep within you know this light represents your joy, your love, your beautiful soul as it radiates brightly to the world.

As you walk you notice others who have fallen, who have lost their way, and your light, your love, helps them back on their feet again. Helps them find their way back to the path. Brings a soothing peacefulness to many. Brings hope, up liftment, joy and a comforting glow in the darkness.

As you near the top of the mountain you stop to rest and look around. Wow! Amazing! For as far as your eyes can see behind you are hundreds, thousands of beautiful souls who have followed your light. Who have found comfort in its’ radiance on this rough journey and you smile.

For your one light has provided a soothing peace and glow in the darkness for many. It has even been a lifeline for some you continue once more until you reach the top of this enormous mountain. Wow, what a breathtaking view!

As you look around you see others with lights as bright and radiant as your own who have guided and helped many as well simply by shining their lights. People from all across and around the world all following different paths.

Yet, now at the top of this glorious mountain all paths have merged with yours and you begin forming a circle. A circle of light, of spirit, of unity. All people of all race, ethnicity, rich and poor, weak and strong, young and old. All one in spirit now. Voices of hope, love, healing, peace inspiration and thanksgiving ring out from every tribe, every tongue, every nation, echoing from the top the this mountain, to the many still gathered below on the ground. They say…………….

(Everyone here, please add your personal prayers or words)

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