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February 23, 2011 / Donna


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Twice a week I listen to a webcast called Healing with the Masters.  Each webcast they have a different well-known speaker talking on an interesting topic. Some of the speakers include Neale Donald Walsch,  Doreen Virtue, Dr. Wayne Dyer to name a few. Last week for the first time I was introduced to, through the webcast, Mehendra Kumar Trivedi whom I never heard of before, yet made a lasting and very remarkable impression on my heart and soul.  This person is the Healers Healer.  He is the Master of all Healers.  He has gone through or I should say put himself through more than 5000 tests and experiments to study his effects.  He vibrates at such a high energy that you can literally feel the energy vibrating off of him.

When Mr. Trivedi (affectionately known as ‘Guruji’) was a young boy in India besides being very bright you would think him a normal child. However he always felt that there was something wrong. As he grew up he always felt like he was different and started showing unique abilities such as 100% photographic memory.  He became a mechanical engineer but was becoming very aware of his uncommon abilities.  Then in 1995 he had an awakening, like a sense of intensified enlightenment. He was “guided” to use his unique gift for the betterment of humanity. Immediately he dedicated his life to his mission.

His gift, now referred to as the Trivedi EffectTM is a technique of mental energy transmission that, according to more than 5,000 well-documented scientific studies, has the ability to profoundly affect matter and unlimited potential to impact human wellness. For more than a decade now, he has directed his attention, and this energy, to everything from human wellness and sustainable agriculture to atomic and cellular research.

From the Trivedi Foundation:

Trivedi’s own physiology is unique. Notable scientists in many parts of the world have done extensive studies on various aspects of his physiology and have come up with surprising results. Among many other indicators of this physiological uniqueness, Trivedi’s body manifests extremes of temperature from one area to another and his brain wave functioning is completely atypical of ‘normal’ human parameters.

Trivedi’s work within the international scientific community is extensive and ongoing.  It represents a tremendous opportunity for scientists to investigate how the power of consciousness might be applied in ways that are beyond current understanding.  Trivedi’s mission, and that of the nonprofit Trivedi Foundation, is to utilize the Trivedi Effect™ to usher in a new era that integrates scientific research and consciousness to vastly improve the human condition and benefit humanity on a global scale.

Trivedi’s ability to transform is extraordinary, so far inexplicable, and unlimited in its potential to create dramatic positive change. “I do not know why I received this gift. I did not ask for it and it is not something that happened overnight,” Trivedi says. “It is a process that began early in my life.  I am merely the catalyst that channels this unknown energy to other entities. It is my calling to use this energy to impact the world.”

‘Guruji’ calls his healing work “Blessings” because it is more than healing.  He gives group Blessings via webcast in groups of 3 sessions.  My first Blessing was this evening (Feb.22/11).  I have to say now at 2:45am (Feb.23/11) I am still wide awake and have energy to spare.  Contrary to what they said would happen I should be having a very restful sleep right now.  Oh well maybe I don’t need it.  He did say that our bodies will do what our bodies actually need.  They may in fact go through a whole detoxification process as well. Great, I have actually started that and I am not looking forward to it.  Well I will just go with the flow and look forward to feeling so much lighter and brighter at the end of it all.

My second Blessing is next Tuesday I will keep you posted on how the Blessings are effecting my life.


For more information on Mehendra Kumar Trivedi, the Trivedi Effect and The Trivedi Foundation just go to the link below:

The Trivedi Foundation





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