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December 17, 2010 / Donna


On New Years Day 1-1-11  there will be an exciting World Meditation hosted by 6 world class spiritual teachers offering energy and life changes for the New Year.  Jo Dunning is often called the ‘Miracle Worker’. She has an unusual ability to work with energy and is often admired for her great healing abilities as well as the clear and easy manner in which she can discuss and simplify even the most complex ideas in spirituality, psychology, consciousness and personal growth.

For ease of explanation on what exactly Jo will be doing, I copied this from her website

Join Jo on January 1st for this unprecedented opportunity – FREE!

Wrapped in the fascinating and gentle style of the imagination, Jo Dunning will take us all on a true magical Journey of Awakening. During this journey we will each be receiving very high vibrations and transforming energy processes and Activations.

These processes will escort each of us through and beyond a series of portals which lead into profoundly high and transforming energies. As you take each step on this journey and your vibration continues to rise, you will be instructed how to reach out and receive the gifts and the life which are your true birthright, filled with incredible love, compassion, wisdom, health, prosperity, and joy.

Finally your vibration will reach a high enough level the very cells of your Being will become ignited with the Light. At this moment there will be so many thousands of listeners around the globe glowing with Divine Light that the real miracles will begin.

This massive blaze of Light which we all create will radiate an enormous wave of energy throughout the world raising the vibration of the entire planet and helping to burst the bonds of limitation. Together on this very special day, we will all help catapult the world into the global Awakening often known as The Golden Age.

Jo Dunning is just one of the spiritual Leaders, there are 5 more.

The World Puja Network Presents

A First of Its Kind World Meditation and Planetary Transmission

On this day, endings and beginnings merge.

On this day, evolution will take the next step forward.

On this day, your next breakthrough, resulting in a permanent shift, will occur.

On this day, we will become One, and shift the frequency of this Planet.

In an unprecedented World Meditation and Planetary Transmission, six people have been called together, to act as conduits for The Divine Consciousness and The Earth Consciousness.

Each Will create a a living field of energy, through meditations, activations and transmissions to bring forth the next highest potential for the evolution of humanity and Planet Earth in the year 2011.

Heaven on Earth can only occur in and through a collective gathering, acting as a singular influence.


Please click below for registration

The more gathered, the deeper the planetary and human imprint. As a result, Heaven will come closer to Earth, on this day.



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