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January 17, 2010 / Donna


In part 1 I left off talking about how experiencing many traumas on Earth has sometimes made it difficult to trust the Earth to support us. When we ground with the intention of anchoring our light into the source of all Creation, this is the most powerful connection there is with the Earth. So if we can strengthen ourselves and stretch our minds to accept this concept, this changes our lives and empowers us forever. When we work with the Karmic Board to clear these old traumas, grounding becomes immeasurably easier, deeper and more effective.

The Karmic Board

There are many reasons why people are not being grounded. One of the biggest reasons that I’ve observed is karma from this lifetime and past lifetimes, as well. It’s always good to clear that which acts as a density in a person’s field and blocks the natural, normal flow of life-force. So for this reason, I suggest you learn a safe, easy approach to clear karma from all realms of your consciousness that no longer serves your growth—because as soon as you begin to ground, you’ll be glad to unload the issues that have interfered with your grounding experience. The Karmic Board is a council of 7 Ascended Masters on the inner planes of consciousness who can specifically help you to release past life memories, karmic debts and all trace of unwanted karma—with a simple request. The Karmic Board consists of the following:

  1. The Great Divine Director, (a position held by The Christ, Buddha, Sanat Kumara at various times in history)
  2. The Goddess Liberty, who works with freedom energy at an atomic and subatomic level
  3. Lady Nada, the Goddess of Beauty
  4. Pallas, the Goddess of Truth
  5. Cyclopea, the God/Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom
  6. Kuan Yin ,the Goddess of Compassion & Mercy
  7. Portia, the Goddess of Justice

Whenever you intend to clear karmic issues, call on the assistance of the Karmic Board. You can make this request in your own words but here’s an example of how to engage them in your healing process:

“I ask the Karmic Board to begin releasing any past or present life karma that can clear at this time that does not serve my greater good. Release any karmic memories and energy from any plane or sub-plane, all dimensions and in-between all the dimensions. Remove the record of past karma from the etheric body, the concepts from the mental body, the emotions from the feeling body and the memory imprint upon the physical matrix. Release energies from the conscious, subconscious and unconscious realms.”

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to clear these kinds of issues with your intention and this simple request. Be aware of the space and freedom you create for yourself and make a conscious choice to replenish that space with something else. When in doubt, fill any voids in your psychic space with love. Or, what follows are some good affirmations you may want to affirm:

  • I now activate my personal destiny.
  • I now activate my spiritual strength to deal with my life’s challenges
  • I now cultivate the wisdom to learn from my life’s lessons
  • I now activate and empower my divine essence to take it’s rightful place in my life.
  • I am now grounded in present-time.

Power Grounding

Power Grounding begins with the breath. The breath is the vehicle for spirit in our lives. As soon as we take a deep breath we connect with all life force within us. In that breath, we intentionally say, “I am ready to be more present.” Grounding requires our full consciousness and presence of mind. So the first thing is to fully bring oneself more fully to the present.

It is very important for a person to align with the power of “now” or present-time awareness. It can begin simply with an affirmation—“I am now grounded in present-time.” This is a good exercise to do several times during the day.

Grounding begins your journey of seeing the wholeness in everything. When you access the sun energies within the Earth, this actually connects you into an information source, which lies deep within the Earth. Grounding connects you into a multi-dimensional space where you can access information, which assist you in your personal life. Expand your knowledge of grounding by seeing it as an expansive information source where all the wisdom and energy you require for your life is available by connecting into this sacred place and affirming to access this realm. See yourself as an extension of the source of Creation.

When you ground into the Earth, affirm that you want to be connected into the energy of what you truly want—confidence, prosperity and/or stability. For example, direct your grounding cord into the Earth with the intention of accessing the vibration of Truth and notice a color, feeling, tone, frequency or sensation. Begin to draw Truth energy up into your body and completely fill up your space. You may notice that when you speak, your communication may sound more eloquent than usual.

We’re all evolving very quickly now and the body cries for extra stability during these times.We’re all experiencing more spiritual awakening these days—which means more electrical voltage to the physical body. We need grounding more than ever before. The more of us who can anchor our light body into the Earth stabilizes the energies for our personal lives to undergo immense change. It also stabilizes the energies for mass consciousness to make the shift as well in a more comfortable, graceful and conscious way.

I would like to thank Nadia Stemberga from the Lightworkers of Ottawa for sending out the information on grounding.   You are doing wonderful work!  Keep it up!!




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